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Recent street artists at Hotel BLOOM!

Bue the warrior uses spray paint and uses as much colour and positive energy as possible in his art. He prefers making people laugh or giving them a feel-good moment. And yes indeed, from the first minute you enter our lobby and see his mural you’ll feel good!

A squid called Sebastian, born in the US and raised in Europe, painted some athletic characters on the gym walls. He creates paintings, drawings, wheat pasta and potentially 3D in the future. For Hotel BLOOM! he created very athletic characters to push you to go a little further to get those extra strong muscles you wish for!

Oli-B, street artist from Brussels painted in the hallway towards the breakfast restaurant OO!. His art contains soft shapes, abstract and sometimes even figurative shapes and is always extremely colourful.

FSTN, also known as Fiston (son), took care of the hallway from the lobby to the parking lift. He is a Belgian illustrator who always tries to keep a humorous and a light-hearted tone in his work.

Sara Conti added some colour to the walls of our public toilets. She decorates Belgium with Matryochkas, Russian dolls. Normally her works are made to disappear in time, with bad weather or simply people passing by. We offered her this space to make a piece of art, made to stay!

The London Police leaved their mark in our lobby. This London duo had the original idea to combine travelling with making art. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in the world of art with works that can be seen in the streets and galleries of no fewer than 35 countries. We’re glad they made a stop at BLOOM!

Even in the hallway of the parking at level -2 you’ll be amazed by the nice artwork of Jaune. He changed the parking aisles in the streetscapes of the Koningsstraat with some humorous characters.

We have still some blank walls... If you are a street artist that is interested in making a nice mural, just send an e-mail to roxy@hotelbloom.com

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