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Rooms Concept

We thought: how about asking young artists to decorate our rooms. Yep, all 287 of them! As a guest, you get something unique: the luxury of choosing a hand-painted mural inspired by the word “bloom”.

More great reasons to stay with us!

  • Free WIFI throughout the entire hotel!
  • 2 free bottles of mineral water per room (and feel free to fill the minibar with your own favourite drinks).
  • A Grab & Go-corner with tasty snacks open 24/7 at the reception (the hotel does not provide room service).
  • Front office open 24h/24h, so you don't need to stress if you arrive late in the evening.
  • Free state-of-the art fitness centre on the 8th floor, with great views over Brussels. You’ll find everything for your cardio or muscular workout as well as free towels, fruit and water.

bloom /bloohm

* noun (formal or technical) 1a) a blossom or flower (usually one on a plant that people admire for its flowers): the exotic blooms of the orchid b) the state of having flowers: the roses are in bloom 2a) a time of beauty, freshness, and vigour: the bloom of youth b) a time or state of highest perfection; prime: in full bloom 3) a rosy or healthy appearance: the bloom on her cheeks 4) a delicate powdery coating on some fruits and leaves. 5) cloudiness on a film of varnish or lacquer.

* verb 1a) to produce or yield flowers. b to support abundant plant life: they are setting out to make the desert bloom 2a) to flourish: the children had bloomed during their stay on the farm. b) to reach maturity; to blossom: their friendship bloomed over the weeks.

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